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The Recording Connection and Judge Mathis: A Partnership to Help Those in Need

The Recording Connection and Judge Mathis: A Partnership to Help Those in Need


The Recording Connection recently began partnering with Judge Greg Mathis (of the American court television show The Judge Mathis Show) to provide a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity to troubled young people in need. Thanks to The Connectors scholarship fund, the Recording Connection and Judge Mathis are now providing needy students the chance to learn professional audio engineering and music productions in REAL RECORDING STUDIOS, at NO CHARGE.


Judge Mathis, a former convict turned judge, has a long-standing history of commitment to the community—not only through his television show, but also through organizations he has founded such as Young Adults Asserting Themselves (YAAR) and Prisoner Empowerment Education and Respect (PEER).

A few months ago, Judge Mathis brought a troubled young man onto the television show Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers for the purpose of helping to give him a fresh start. The young man, named Tracy Wilson, had a passion for filmmaking but no way to get started—so Brian Kraft, COO of Recording Radio Film Connection, was called for assistance. Kraft appeared on the show and offered Wilson a full paid scholarship to attend the Film Connection’s Learn In LA film school.

Out of that experience, Kraft (along with school founder Jimi Petulla) felt these scholarships should be extended to others, so they formed The Connectors scholarship fund, which provides professional mentoring opportunities not only for film, but also for radio, recording, culinary arts and other professions. Through this fund, Kraft and Petulla are now excited to continue their partnership with Judge Mathis to provide FULLY PAID PROFESSIONAL MENTORSHIPS to the Recording Connection for qualified candidates.


There are many young people in need who simply fall through the cracks in traditional schools, whereas one-on-one instruction and mentoring can help them succeed. Professional mentoring gives students who would otherwise be overlooked the opportunity to go on to lucrative and rewarding careers. Thus, rather than just provide scholarship funds for students to go to school, The Connectors, Judge Mathis and Recording Connection offer FULL SCHOLARSHIPS for qualified candidates to receive one-on-one instruction in professional audio in actual recording studios. With these scholarship opportunities, each student will be individually trained by an experienced audio engineer or music producer in a real recording studio, giving the student opportunities for personal growth and education that traditional schooling cannot offer.

If you’d like to learn more about applying for a scholarship from The Connectors, please click here. To find out more about the Recording Connection Academy, please click here.