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Careers in Christian Music Start Here
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Careers in Christian Music Start Here

Christian music brings to mind such names as Chris Tomlin, Brandon Heath, Phil Keaggy, The Afters, Jeremy Camp, Petra, Third Day, Amy Grant, Ashmont Hill, Rita Springer, Marcus Cole, and many others who over the years have caused the popularity of this genre to spread far and wide.
Whether you’re a Christian musician, or playing in a Christian band (whether it be Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Metal, or Gospel), or would like to become a producer of Christian music along with people like Michael Omartian or Brown Bannister, you need to know the ins and outs of a real recording studio if you hope to succeed. Recording Connection gives you that opportunity. We teach our students the smart way, the fast way, the right way:  by pairing them one-on-one with professional recording engineers or music producers who are connected with major players in Christian music in a range of styles.  You don’t even have to relocate, because there are thousands of active, major recording professionals in studios all over the world who are functioning as Recording Connection mentors.  Your instructor will teach you everything you need to know about recording and mixing techniques, so you can capture the particular sound you are looking for and make your message clear. You will learn Avid Pro Tools as well as other softwares (e.g., Reason, Ableton, and Logic), and you’ll learn about MIDI devices. You will even receive your own full version of Pro Tools, at no additional charge.

Learn hands-on how the music business REALLY WORKS; everything you need is included in one low tuition price! Visit our Bachelors Equivalent Course Curriculum page to find out what you will be studying.
Since we began offering our Recording Connection programme in 1983, we’ve been consistently updating our curriculum, keeping step with current tastes in music as well as the technological changes that are always happening in this industry. Our programme works because it gives you hands-on experience in a real recording studio, with access to all the latest technology. Best of all, you will receive personal, one-on-one instruction by an experienced working professional who actually knows the music recording business. By simply putting in the time, you’ll also be working with many other music professionals who come into the studio to work on their projects. In this way, not only will you gain valuable hands-on experience as you work through our course, but you’ll also make vital industry connections that can serve to advance your career in the music industry when you graduate. 

Got an amazing project you’re already working on? Recording Connection Recording Academy can help you work on your own music as you take our structured course curriculum in the recording studio. What other recording school is there that gives you real recording studio time to work on your own projects while attending school? Talk to a Recording Connection Admissions Counsellor to get the details.

If you’re feeling a bit skeptical about all this, take a look at Preston Boebel. When he first came across our website, he felt much the same way, but he signed up for our recording course, and today he’s the chief engineer at Clear Lake Audio in Hollywood, California.  You can check out his success story here.

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