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Career Services Job Assistance Programme

The Career Services Job Assistance Programme is specially designed for the graduates of our audio engineering and music producing programmes.

While a great many of our students find paid employment in the music industry even before they graduate, there are, of course, some who do not. This programme is designed for those who need some extra assistance in finding job opportunities, and even more importantly, landing the job.

While most schools give mainly lip service to job placement, we actually offer a supplementary course designed to help you identify and meet your career goals. This unique Career Services Job Assistance Programme is offered to our students at no additional charge.

About halfway through your Recording Connection course, you will begin working through a series of ten supplementary lessons designed to prepare you for gainful employment in the recording industry. Here is a summary of what you will learn:


Develop a detailed strategy for success, including short-term, middle and long-term goals.


Learn how to get noticed in a competitive industry, utilising multiple resources to get your name known.


Learn how to present yourself in a way that will ensure you are taken seriously.


Learn how to reach out to prospective employers with a cover letter designed to impress.


Learn how to show off your strengths and accomplishments with a dynamic resume.


Everyone you work with in this business can become your ally if you are diligent, respectful and professional. Develop a list of people in the industry who will vouch for you.


Identify at least five prospective employers, and create a log to document every step of the application process with them.


Apply to the five companies you identified in the previous step.


Learn creative techniques for getting your foot in the door besides just turning in an application or resume.


Learn what to do (and what NOT to do) in the interview, and how to follow up afterward.

Throughout your educational experience and even afterward, our Career Services department remains at your service. If you need help at any stage of the process, whether it is questions about your resume, career advice, or just a voice of encouragement, you can always reach us via telephone or email.

The UK Recording Connection Recording Academy is a licensed and accredited recording school. While we do our utmost to ensure that each graduate of our programme is well-positioned for employment in the recording industry, be advised that we are not a job placement service or job employment agency, and therefore cannot guarantee employment. However, we are highly committed to the success of our students, and we pledge to be at your service every step of the way as you pursue your career goals. The Career Services Job Assistance Programme was designed to give you the extra assistance you need in launching a career in a competitive, exciting field.

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