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The Recording Connection Recording Academy: Your First Step Towards a Career in the Music Industry

At the Recording Connection Recording Academy, we pride ourselves on placing our students with successful music industry professionals who actually make their living in the music business. Your first step toward a career in this business is to step into a mentor-apprentice relationship with one of these individuals.

Your mentor will teach you Audio Engineering and Music Producing using our structured course curriculum filled with the information you need in order to succeed. Additionally, you will receive Pro Tools and the Modern Recording Technique textbook at no additional charge.

The curriculum we provide our Recording Connection student apprentices consists of 20 comprehensive lessons, and is designed to be completed at a pace of one lesson per week. Expect to be challenged by this curriculum; for most of our students, each lesson requires about 10 hours in the studio and 10 additional hours of homework.

JUST TO BE CLEAR: Recording Connection students are students, not interns posing as students. While some internship is naturally a part of this business, 90% of your time as a student apprentice will be spent working through our structured course curriculum, under the private supervision of your mentor.


Job Assistance and Further Training

Trained music producers and audio engineers find many career opportunities awaiting them in the recording, film and broadcasting industries. Recording Connection Recording Academy gives you the training; you provide the ambition. Together, these two forces combine to open doors to a rewarding career in the field of entertainment.

While many of our students get hired even before they graduate, our Stay Connected Job Assistance Programme is automatically offered to our graduates who need extra help. This unique programme consists of 20 additional lessons specially designed to help you make further inroads into the recording industry and get your career off the ground.

Your Opportunity Is Waiting

For many of our students, their apprenticeship in the recording studio actually leads to a job opportunity within that same studio, because studios like to hire people they already know! This gives Recording Connection students a distinct advantage in the job market, because they already have their foot in the door before other recording school graduates even know about the jobs.

What’s more, while with other schools “job assistance” simply means sending you copied lists of job openings, Recording Connection Recording Academy goes the extra step by putting our connections to work for you, in many cases actually initiating your job application. Because we are in direct constant contact with lots of studio managers, studio owners and record companies all over the world, Recording Connection graduates get the inside scoop on job openings long before anyone else. When you are ready, we will work our connections, provide introductions, and do our utmost to make sure your application gets to the top of the stack.


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