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What's Included In Our Tuition Price?

The Recording Connection Recording Academy is proud to offer an all-inclusive tuition price for our unique programme. Whether your interest is in music production, audio engineering or live audio, we quote you one tuition price covering everything you will need to see the programme through to completion. While other schools like to understate their tuition costs by adding on hidden extras, we don’t do business that way; Recording Connection quotes you one price, and that’s what you will pay. (We don’t even charge an application fee.)

Your tuition includes everything: mentor compensation, books and supplies, testing costs, lab costs, your own website, and even your very own full version of Pro Tools (given to you at no additional cost).

You’ll save in other ways, also. For example, because you’ll be learning audio engineering and music production in a recording studio near where you live, you won’t have to worry about relocating: no moving or travel expenses, no additional room and board. Additionally, if you work a job, you can keep it—Recording Connection works around your schedule, so you can keep earning money if you need to.

The only thing that is NOT included in our tuition is the time and energy you bring to your own education. If you have the drive and the commitment, one tuition price takes care of everything else.
To be clear about what you receive for the money: Recording Connection Recording Academy student apprentices get all of the following included in their programme, with no additional hidden costs:

  • You will receive all your books and learning materials, even shipped at our expense, at no additional cost.
  • You will receive our <a href=”/curriculum/audio-engineering/”>structured course curriculum</a>, co-written by Joey Heier, a successful real-life Music Producer, Audio Engineer, and Studio Owner.
  • You will receive one-on-one instruction in audio engineering from a working music industry professional in a real recording studio.
  • You will receive your own copy of the latest Pro Tools (again, this is included in the tuition).
  • You will receive your very own website upon enrollment, plus an additional 6 months of training on marketing yourself via the Internet.
  • You will be assigned a Student Services Representative who will be available to help you with homework.
  • You will receive automatic enrollment in our <a href=”/job-assitance/”>Stay Connected Programme</a>, offering up to one year of post-graduation job assistance and additional instruction, at no additional charge.

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