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What to Expect

After you complete your application, expect a response from us within two business days. A Recording Connection admissions counselor will schedule you for an initial interview, during which time we will find out about your particular interests, your dreams, and what role you’d like to play in the music industry. We’ll take that information and use it to match you with a mentor and a studio within about an hour’s drive of your place of residence.

Your personal mentor/instructor will be a music professional (typically a studio owner, audio engineer, music producer, live audio expert or chief engineer). This person will tutor you one-on-one using our structured course curriculum, teaching you all the ins and outs of the music business and audio recording, along with his/her personal secrets of success. You’ll be able to see firsthand how your mentor runs the studio, deals with clients, solves problems—all the tricks of the trade. You’ll also be in regular contact with recording artists, session players, record executives, and other audio engineers and studio owners—all of whom can be valuable connections for your future career.


The Recording Connection audio program is an intensive and comprehensive six-month course in Audio Engineering and Music Production, taught to you one-on-one by your mentor. Upon acceptance into the Recording Connection Recording Academy, you will learn all aspects of modern music production and recording, including digital recording, analogue recording, Pro Tools, microphone placement, sound desks and consoles, mix downs, audio sweetening, surround sound, and much more. Once you graduate, you’ll also be provided with an additional 12 months of job assistance training to help you make the leap into your new career.


“I’m currently in my mentors’ studio working on the twelfth week, which is signal processing. There is so much to know about signal processing and compressors so I have been spending a lot of time in the studio trying to pick up on this. By far I think this is the most challenging lesson I’ve done. Also with my mentor I have recently had the chance to work with some interesting artists that are quite well known. I got to know them personally and they are all very good people to work with. I’m also engineering an internet radio show every Friday now with one of my mentors’ clients. This is a great learning experience for me and my mentor also introduced me to a very useful resource, a man who works for puts together the Coachella festival every year, and who also organizes other events in Southern California. My mentor and I might start working together with this new contact, organizing our own events with another one of the interns, who is also a DJ producer. I am now the personal assistant for my mentor whenever there’s a session, as he knows he can count on me.”

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