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Recording Connection Enrollment Process

Getting Started

Once we receive your application for enrollment, a Recording Connection admissions representative will respond by phone within two business days to schedule an initial interview. 
Our goal with this interview is to learn about your aspirations, goals and specific interests in the field of audio recording and music production. We’ll talk about the curriculum and training process, and what you can expect. We’ll ask you which studios in your area are the most interesting to you. We’ll also address any questions or concerns you might have about the Recording Connection programme in general.
 Once this initial conversation is complete, if you and your Recording Connection admissions representative both feel you’re ready to move forward, we will launch the studio placement process for you.

Where Will I Attend Class?

Recording Connection has been around for nearly three decades, and over that time we’ve formed working relationships with thousands of studios in across the globe.

Based on your interview and your interests, we’ll search our network of member studios and mentors in your area to find out which studio, and which mentor, is available to train you at that time. We take into account any list of possible local studios you provide us, and quite often (though not always) we can get you into your first choice of studios. However, we also take into account additional factors in placing you. For instance, let’s assume that we have a great mentor who’s been able to hire his last two students, or who knows of a job opening you might qualify for once you complete your training. That particular mentor might present the best opportunity for you to get your foot in the door of the industry, even if he/she does not work in your number one studio choice. This is why we encourage you to be flexible during your placement process, and trust us to get you into the best facility possible.

How Long Does the Process Take?

On average, selection and placement usually takes two to three weeks. This is mainly because Recording Connection mentors are full-time working professionals who need to adjust their schedules to account for a new apprentice. Just as you’ve taken time to think about and prepare for this career move, your mentor will need a little time to prepare for you!

Your In-Studio Interview

Your in-studio interview is where you will meet and talk with the mentor with whom we’ve matched you. (We’ll let you know when and where your interview will take place.) This is when things start to get real.

During the meeting with your prospective mentor, you will usually have the chance to take a tour of the studio and get a feel for your surroundings. During this interview, talk with your mentor about your personal goals and ambitions, discuss scheduling, and determine together whether you feel comfortable with each other and want to move ahead with the training.

Final Acceptance

When your in-studio interview is finished, we’ll talk separately with both you and your mentor. The final decision for acceptance into the UK Recording Connection Recording Academy lies with your mentor; you must have his/her approval in order to be accepted as a student.

If your mentor does not recommend you for acceptance, we’ll conduct an evaluation of the reasons for his/her decision. If the issues are simply situational conflicts, for example, selecting a different studio and mentor is often all it takes. Unfortunately, however, some applicants are denied for reasons that aren’t likely to change with a new mentor or studio. If that is the case, we’ll leave you with some advice to improve your chances for acceptance, and allow you to apply again after one year.

Remember, the final decision in this process rests with the mentor. The mentor is about to allow you into his/her world and work place, and needs to be comfortable with the idea of taking you on in this manner before formally accepting you as an apprentice. When your mentor accepts you into this program, he/she is essentially “vouching” for you, stating his or her belief that you have the potential and motivation to become a professional recording engineer or music producer, and committing to help train you toward that goal. This is in itself a major milestone for you!

Ready to BEGIN!

Upon final acceptance into the programme, your completed enrollment agreement and tuition are due. Once we have received payment or made suitable financial arrangements with you, we’ll send all of the required course material used in the Recording Connection apprenticeship programme to both you and your mentor.


You are now officially an apprentice with the UK Recording Connection Recording Academy!

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