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What About My Job? Can I Keep It?

How much work and time commitment does your recording school require? Will I be able to keep my job?

A very common question we get at is: “Can I keep my day job while going to school?”

The answer is yes. Times being what they are, we know that many of our students must work a job in order to pay for school and/or pay their bills. Our programme is intensive and requires a level of commitment, but it is also designed to be flexible as well as affordable. Compare us with other recording schools, and you’ll find that price-wise, we are among the most economical options on the market. An added benefit is that since we have mentors in just about every major city (and many smaller towns) across the globe, you don’t have to relocate to study with the UK Recording Connection Recording Academy (i.e., you won’t have to quit your current job). We also have a number of financing options available for you, so your tuition won’t be a crushing burden on your finances.

Our flexibility of scheduling is second to none, as well. Since you will be a private student apprentice learning one-on-one from a working audio professional, your classes can be scheduled easily according to your availability. (It goes without saying, though, that the more time you put into your education, the better your chances for success, both during school and after graduation.)

If you dream of becoming audio engineer, music producer or live audio technician, but have put off pursuing that dream because you couldn’t risk losing your job over it, the Recording Connection is your best option, your chance to make it happen. Keep your day job for the time being, and apply to the Recording Connection Recording Academy. There’s no cost to apply, and the next six months could be life-changing for you.

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