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Your Career as a Music Producer Begins Here

Music Producing is one of the coveted careers in our music industry. Arranging, composing and recording music with your favourite artists can be one of the most exhilarating ways to make a living.

QUESTION: But it begs the question: How can I make my dream a reality in one of the most sought after careers in the world?

ANSWER: You’re going to need a real-world education, connections, and access- the three things that the UK Recording Connection provides to all of its music producing students.

Lessons or “modules”


Music producing is a high-pressure, intense job to have, but if you’re successful, it can be one of the most exciting ways to satisfy your creative soul—and make some serious money in the process.

Audio schools around the globe receive hundreds of thousands of applications each year from people like you who want to break into the music business as a music producer. But this is not the 1970s—this is 2011. There simply are not enough music producing jobs to go around for all the people who want them.

Each year, a handful of new music producers actually make it in the music business and forge successful careers. Guess who these “lucky ones” are? They are the ones who have both the proper education and the connections they need to move them forward. Having one without the other is not enough.

Why are connections so important? Consider this: If you were a big record executive looking for someone to produce a hot new band that you had just signed, would you hire a kid fresh out of an audio trade school, or would you hire a creative young professional whom your colleagues told you had the talent, creativity and work ethic to make things happen? In other words—someone who was connected to the industry, and had the reputation for success?

Here’s the dirty little secret that the other audio schools won’t tell you: The only way to find success in the music business as a music producer is by working your way up the ranks in a professional recording studio—and that is exactly where the Recording Connection Recording Academy puts you, from day one.

But connections alone aren’t enough, either. It isn’t just who you know; it’s also what you know. That is why, as a Recording Connection Recording Academy music production student, you will work in a real recording studio between 2 – 7 times a week, receiving private, personal instruction in all of the following:

  • Artist relations
  • Audio engineer relations
  • Studio relations
  • Record label relations
  • Client relations
  • Composition and arranging
  • Audio processing
  • Pro Tools 8
  • Reason, Logic, or Ableton Live
  • The ins and outs of signal flow and patch bays
  • Available audio plugins and how they work
  • Digital audio
  • Surround mixing
  • How analogue consoles work
  • In-depth study of analogue consoles
  • Signal processing and compressors
  • Correct microphone placement
  • How microphones are designed and used
  • How to perform a professional mix-down
  • How various studios are designed and how their monitors work
  • Electronic music and beat matching
  • Sync and automation
  • Recording and mixing ins and outs

You need both a quality education and solid industry connections in order to make it as a music producer. The Recording Connection Recording Academy offers you the best of both.

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