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Your Future in Sound Recording Starts Here

It’s your life and you’ve only got one. Why waste it when you could take a risk and shoot for a career in something you love. Do you have the courage to take the first step? Imagine yourself going to work each and every day, in a real recording studio.

The audio or sound engineer is the foundation of the professional recording session. He or she is the knowledgeable professional who runs the session and assists the producer and the artist to capture the sound and feel they are striving for.

Make no mistake, the audio engineer is both scientist and artist. Our unique engineering program places you inside the walls of a real UK recording facility where you will learn under the direct tutelage of a professional music producer or audio engineer who trains you directly out of structured course curriculum.

You will be in the recording facility anywhere from 2 – 7 times per week, where you will have the advantage of learning the following:

Our Lessons or “Modules”


Sound engineers can make anywhere from 50 – 100 thousand pounds annually in the UK or abroad. There a quite a few career possibilities available to the properly trained graduate:

  • Studio Owner
  • Chief Engineer
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Staff Engineer

In addition, many mixers, mastering specialists, and music producers are also sound specialists.

In short, the most advantageous place to start just about any career in audio or film is to understand the inner workings of a recording studio as an audio engineer. To be considered a successful audio engineer, the student MUST know how a real recording studio works.

Please understand: traditional audio academies using the classroom paradigm do not ever get you into a real recording studio. You never sit in on real recording sessions, you never get to assist real music producers, and they cannot get you into a real recording studio. Thus, with their programmes, you never meet real clients or real engineers—and you aren’t studying under real working audio engineers and music producers. A university recording studio may look nice, but it is not the same as a professional recording studio. The Recording Connection Recording Academy will get you into a real studio, from day one.

To succeed as an audio engineer, you also MUST know:

  • Digital audio
  • Pro Tools 8
  • Audio processing
  • How analogue consoles work
  • The ins and outs of signal flow and patch bays
  • How microphones are designed and used
  • Correct microphone placement
  • Sync and automation
  • Signal processing and compressors
  • In-depth study of analogue consoles
  • Reason, Logic, or Ableton Live
  • Available audio plugins and how they work
  • Recording and mixing ins and outs
  • Electronic music and beat matching
  • How to perform a professional mix-down
  • How various studios are designed and how their monitors work
  • Surround mixing How to deal with clients

QUESTION: Which is better: learning in a real UK recording studio, or in a classroom?

ANSWER: It is obvious, isn’t it? The best place to learn audio engineering is in an actual UK recording studio—from a professional who has been recording music for 10 – 30 years, not from a teacher in a crowded classroom.

Let’s face it: traditional universities and academies simply cannot duplicate what you can learn in a real recording studio. They are just not equipped for that task.

The Recording Connection Audio Academy, however, gives you the same education you would receive in traditional recording schools, with the added benefit of real world knowledge and connections that one can only get by training in a real recording studio.

And we give it to you for a fraction of the cost.

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