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Cheltenham Recording School by the Cheltenham Recording Connection

Your Cheltenham, England Recording School Alternative

If you were hoping to find an industry-competitive Cheltenham Music School, your search has ended. RECORDING CONNECTION is the only school that gets you inside a real Cheltenham area recording studio, where you will work as an audio student apprentice as you learn the arts of audio engineering, music producing, mixing, live audio and more. In Cheltenham, the best way to break into the music business is by apprenticing inside a Cheltenham recording studio. We’re the school that gets your foot in the door.

You could spend 5000 to 30,000 pounds to go to music recording school at a college or trade school, or you could spend 75% less money and get that music education inside a real recording studio. The choice is clear! Get on the inside track, learn directly from the pros, and get connected while you get educated. No school gets you prepared for a career in the music business more affordably or effectively than our music recording school alternative.

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Cheltenham is a borough and spa town located just outside Gloucester in western England, and home to around 112,000 people. Although not a place many would readily associate with the music industry in general, Cheltenham has an active music scene, with bands and artists regularly playing in live venues around town. Cheltenham hosts numerous annual music festivals each year, including the Cheltenham Folk Festival, Greenbelt (Christian music), Wychewood (folk-world music), and the multi-venue Walk the Line Festival. The musical activity in Cheltenham recently prompted PRS for Music to list it as Number 5 in its top ten musical cities in the UK. Notable musicians and bands with ties to Cheltenham include the late Rolling Stones founding member Brian Jones, punk band 4ft Fingers, and Killing Joke vocalist Jaz Coleman. Famous composer Gustav Holst also hailed from this area.

A number of recording studios make their home in and around Cheltenham to accommodate the musical activity in this area. If you aspire to become a music producer, audio engineer, recording artist or sound designer, Cheltenham affords a surprising amount of opportunity for you to learn.

Because of our many industry relationships forged over the past three decades, RECORDING CONNECTION can put you close to the action in ways other music schools can’t. Rather than place you in a sterile classroom, we put you inside a real recording studio to be trained one-on-one by a seasoned working audio professional. As you gain valuable hands-on training, you’ll make important connections with other industry pros who can help advance your career. Enroll in our Cheltenham Music School today, and discover why over 70% of our graduates get hired in the music business.

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