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The Smart Way to Learn Audio Engineering

Traditional academies in England are way overpriced, and worse, they don’t get you connected into the real world of music recording. Only fools spend 20,000 to 50,000 pounds to learn audio. The smart student learns in a real recording studio and saves money.

Don’t be a fool. Let us get you into a real recording studio for 75% less money.

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The Sound Academy that the PROS Recommend

Our sound academy is recommended by the people who make records for David Bowe, Outkast, Bob Dylan, U2, The Smiths, The Cure, Alicia Keys, and so many more…

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Michael 'Fish' Herring

Michael ‘Fish’ Herring

While great players are said to be cut from the proverbial cloth, Michael “Fish” Herring’s particular piece must be taken from an intricate quilt, lovingly and expertly crafted over the years.

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Larry Klein

Larry Klein

Professional musician, sought after session player, songwriter and producer Larry Klein is a frequent musical collaborator with the legendary Joni Mitchell, with whom he has produced 5 records. arry has also worked as producer or…

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Brian Virtue

Brian Virtue

Brian Virtue is one of the most well respected producers for alternative rock and rock. He has worked with 30 Seconds to Mars, Jane’s Addiction, AudioSlave, Chevelle, and the Deftones, to name a few. He lives in Nashville…

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Billy Flores

Billy Flores

Billy Flores graduated from The Recording Connection Audio Institute in 1990. Since then he has gone on to work live sound as a chief engineer for Eminem, The Black Eyed Peas, The Rolling Stones, Sting, BB King…

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John Travis

John Travis

So where do I start? Well, I grew up in London in the Seventies and was lucky enough to have grown up listening to T-Rex, David Bowie, Roxy Music, Thin Lizzy, Slade etc. I started going to see bands playing live at…

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Ryan Greene

What do Megadeth, Jay-Z, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, Gladys Knight, Tonic, NOFX, Lagwagon, No Use For a Name, Good Riddance, Pulley, Cheap Trick, Lita Ford, Authority Zero, Strung Out, Patty La Belle, Dishwalla, Sick of it all…

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Steven Baughman

Steven Baughman

The Pussycat Dolls, Usher, 50 Cent, Destiny’s Child, Pink and Snoop Dogg are just a handful of the top-selling artists that Grammy Award-winner Steven “Steve B” Baughman has worked with. A California native, Steve…

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Bryan Carlstrom

Bryan Carlstrom

Los Angeles based – Bryan Carlstrom – has carved out his own niche in the music scene from over 20 years of making loud guitar driven records. Multiple gold, platinum and diamond album credits back up his reputation…

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Jose Alcantar

Jose Alcantar

If you want to privately apprentice with me and partake in the world that I participate in within the audio engineering field, then apply by clicking the button below

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Preston Boebel

Preston Boebel

Preston Boebel was born on the banks of Interstate 5. A “Valley Boy” his entire life, he has been the Chief Engineer at Clear Lake Audio in North Hollywood, Ca since 2000.  Boebel is a graduate of the Recording Connection’s…

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Audio Engineer and Music Producing Programme for UK Residents

We are the academy recommended by the professionals who produce and record music for:  

Learn from the audio engineer who recorded Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin
Learn music producing from David Bowie's music producer David Bowie
Learn music producing from Lenny Kravitz's music producer Lenny Kravitz
Learn in the studio where Alicia Keys records Alicia Keys
Want to learn in the studio where The Rolling Stones recorded? The Rolling Stones
Learn where Paul McCartney records Paul McCartney
Want to learn from the guy who records Wyclef Jean? Wyclef Jean
Your classroom is in Dr. Dre's recording studio Dr. Dre
Learn audio engineering from Michael Jackson's audio engineer Michael Jackson
Learn in the studio where Ozzy Osbourne records Ozzy Osbourne
Learn from the audio engineer who recorded the The White Stripes The White Stripes
Learn music producing from 50 Cent's music producer 50 Cent
Learn in the studio where Mary J. Blige's records Mary J. Blige
Learn from the music producer who recorded Outkast Outkast
Learn where Pearl Jam records Pearl Jam
Learn audio engineering from Soundgarden's audio engineer Soundgarden
Want to learn from the guy who records U2? U2
Our school is in The Black Crowes' recording studio The Black Crowes
Learn from the music producer who recorded Bob Dylan Bob Dylan
Want to learn from the guy who records Eminem? Eminem
Learn from the audio engineer who recorded Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder
Learn music producing from Prince's music producer Prince
Learn from the audio engineer who recorded Lil Wayne Lil Wayne
Our school is in Jack Johnson's recording studio Jack Johnson
Learn from the audio engineer who recorded Alice in Chains Alice in Chains

How Smart of a Student are You?

Audio engineers, music producers and music executives in the UK and the rest of the world agree: the smartest way to jump-start a career in the recording business is by getting yourself into a real recording studio. But not as an intern, as an APPRENTICE. There’s no more efficient or inexpensive way to learn the trade—and your career connections are built into the process!

The Recording Connection Recording Academy currently offers recording apprenticeships in world-renowned recording studios in the UK, Western Europe, and America. In fact, we’re the only school on the planet that does this.

The Smart Way to Learn Audio Engineering & Music Producing in the Modern World

Let’s cut to the chase: the music business is highly competitive, and in order to make it as a music producer, audio engineer or sound engineer, you’ve got to be smarter than your competition, cut out the middle man, and go directly to the source: the recording studio.

With the UK Recording Connection Academy, we will put you inside a real recording studio, from day one. Once inside, you will take our structured course curriculum in music production and audio engineering for Pro Tools and learn in private one-on-one sessions with a professional music producer, audio engineer, or studio owner. This no-nonsense method of education educates you as it connects you to the people who you will need to know to launch a career.


The reason we’re endorsed by some of the biggest names in the music industry is that they know the truth you are now about to learn: CLASSROOM-BASED AUDIO ACADEMIES ARE A JOKE. They are too expensive, they are ineffective, and they don’t do anything to get you connected to the industry—in fact, it seems the only thing they do for you is get you into debt! This is no secret, really—you can find the proof all over the Internet.

If you really want to get on the right track toward a career in audio, it’s time to listen to what the pros have to say about it. Here’s just one example:

“There are many reasons I endorse The Recording Connection Recording Academy. What appeals to me the most is that they place you in a top notch recording studio where you apprentice under a professional music producer or audio engineer. To me, this mentor/apprentice way of teaching is far superior to that of the traditional sound academies. The Recording Connection teaches you the things you really need, and they connect you with players in the industry.”

– Tim Palmer (Sound Engineer, Mixer, Producer) for U2, Duran Duran, The Cure, Pearl Jam, David Bowie.



How does the UK Recording Connection Audio and Sound Academy Work?

One on One Private Mentoring

If you are accepted into our audio programme, you will attend our accredited sound academy inside a real UK recording studio in and around the city you live. You will follow a structured curriculum in audio engineering and music producing centered around Pro Tools.

With us, you will not learn in a sterile classroom; with the UK Recording Connection, your “classroom” is the recording studio itself, and your “teacher” is a real life audio engineer or music producer who is working for a living in the music business (we refer to these professionals as mentors). Your mentor could be a boutique studio owner, the chief engineer of a world famous recording studio, or a Grammy Award winning music producer or engineer. Whatever the case, you will be his/her student, learning from him/her one on one.

This is not an internship- it is an Apprenticeship…

Our tuition is exceptionally low, but let’s be clear: you are not paying for an internship. You are paying for the opportunity to be a student apprentice in a UK recording studio. By definition, an apprentice is a student who is taking a structured course curriculum and learning a bona-fide trade under the direct supervision of a professional mentor.

Here’s how the UK Recording Connection Academy works: you attend anywhere from 2-5 times per week (depending on your own schedule), where you will learn audio and music producing. You will do loads of studying, reading, and HANDS ON LEARNING, both in the studio and at home. The hands-on approach is the heart and soul of apprenticeship; you’ll literally learn by doing as you practice and learn from a master mentor (in this case, a professional audio engineer, music producer or musician). While there is naturally some interning involved with this learning method, 80% of your time with Recording Connection will be spent as a student apprentice.


The choice is yours: you can learn music production and audio engineering as an apprentice inside a real recording studio, learning from a well-respected industry pro; OR you can spend ten times the money to learn audio in a sterile classroom from a teacher in a trade school, far away from a real recording studio.

Is there any comparison? Of course not. Nobody with an ounce of sense would advise you to choose learning audio in a classroom over learning from a working pro in a real studio. So why do some people still insist on going to traditional audio schools, taking on huge amounts of debt in the process? Simply put: they are misinformed. They have bought the lie that the traditional audio school route can connect them to the recording business, when truthfully, nine times out of 10, it cannot. Thinking realistically, how could a traditional audio school (essentially a diploma mill) make that kind of connection? After all, the record companies and artists record in real recording studios, not in academies—so how could those academies possibly connect all their students to the industry?

The answer is, they can’t.

But the UK Recording Connection Audio Academy can. Apply Here for Free

How Does the Recording Connection Audio Academy Do It?

For nearly three decades, The Recording Connection Recording Academy has been building solid relationships with the biggest talents in the music recording business. Professionals like
John Altman, Tim Palmer, Larry Klein, Bryan Carlstrom, Warren Huart, Billy Flores, Steven Baughman, Ryan Greene, John Travis and many others endorse our audio engineering and music production programmes in the UK. The reason they endorse us? To put it simply, our programme is more sensible, more cost-efficient, and more effective than any other audio academy on the market.

If you are accepted into the UK Recording Connection programme, we will get you in the door of a real recording studio and pair you with a working Music Producer or Audio Engineer. You will study inside the studio 2-5 times a week using our structured course curriculum. During your apprenticeship, you’ll also be meeting lots of other industry people—which means you’ll be networking while you go to school, connecting yourself to the people who have the potential to hire you.

Am I Guaranteed Employment?

Certainly not. Time for some straight talk: there are NO guarantees in life, let alone in a business as competitive as music recording, and anyone who tells you otherwise is scamming you. Period. We’re not going to make you promises we can’t fulfill. So no, we won’t guarantee you a job in the industry.

But before you despair—let’s think about this a little bit:

While no one would dispute the fact that the music business is a tough industry to get into, let alone find success in, does it not make sense to position yourself in a place close to the action, where you will have the best possible shot of being successful? Of course it does.

That said—if you’re trying to position yourself for success in a business as difficult as music, does it make more sense to put yourself in a college classroom, or in a real recording studio where things are happening?

Isn’t the answer clear enough by now?

If you are street smart; if you want to be at the top of your game; if you are truly serious about having a successful career in music recording and producing; then the only sensible place you should put yourself is inside a real recording studio, learning from a working professional as a student apprentice. There’s no other choice.

Even though we offer no guarantees, we’re committed to helping you succeed—so we are not content with just leaving you to make your own connections within our programme. We also offer job placement assistance through our Stay Connected Programme. This special service is designed to help our graduates make the most of their education and move their careers forward. Check it out, and see what our one-on-one counseling can do for you.

Apply Now For No Charge


If you are reading this, you are likely one of those people who dreams of being the next George Martin, Tim Palmer, John Altman, Mike Skinner, Mutt Lang or perhaps one of those celebrated artists who can self-record and self-produce, like Dr. Dre, or Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, or Tricky. We understand, and we are committed to help you succeed; but please read this next point very carefully (and parents, take heed as well):

If you really want to succeed, you need to stay out of debt, make industry connections, and learn audio recording and music producing from the people who are actually doing it for a living in the here and now, in 2011. Trying to learn this business any other way is counterproductive, expensive, ineffective and irrelevant, and can do nothing but hurt your chances for success. You don’t have to take our word for it, though; read what the pros have to say are about us and our method of learning.

Is the UK Recording Connection Audio Academy Accredited?

Yes, we hold accreditation by the National Private School Accreditation Alliance (NPSAA) and the USBAS. The academy also maintains membership with these music recording organizations.

Not only are we fully accredited, the UK Recording Connection Audio Academy requires no application fees with no charges up front. Before you spend any money, you and your family will have the opportunity to meet and interview with your mentor and tour their recording studio where you’ll be learning. You will be given plenty of time to consult with your family and significant others so as to determine whether our academy is right for you. In a world of bloated promises, the UK Recording Connection Audio Academy actually delivers.

Can I Afford the UK Recording Connection Academy?

The UK Recording Connection offers quite a few options to assist you with your tuition. Our experienced and friendly Admissions Department can help you chose the financing option that suits your needs.

To learn more, please call the UK Recording Connection at 020 3514 2940, and ask for the Admissions Department. But we commend that you first fill out the application here, and we will contact you within 2 days of receiving your application for our program.

Please be advised, you can attend the UK Recording Connection Academy around your current job or other school applications on a full time, part time, nights or weekend basis.

The Recording Connection and Judge Mathis: A Partnership to Help Those in Need